Akropolis review.

Acropolis is a tile placing board game for everyone in which we build an ancient city from tiles in the shape of three connected hexes.

Production quality.

The first positive surprise immediately after opening the box: there was a convenient insert inside and there was no need to push the elements out, everything was ready and nicely sorted - good example to other publishers.

Qualitatively, the box is of the highest class - even the inside of the cover is beautiful and solid.

The insert is simply brilliant - not only tiles have their place, but also scorepad, player aids - there are even holes for protruding larger starting tiles.




The build quality of the game is top-notch

How and what we play

That's first-class workmanship. How's the gameplay?

We are building a Greek metropolis out of tiles.

We build in 3 dimensions! And this is a big plus and completely different level of imagination than laying only flat in 2 dimensions.

We have quarries - thanks to which we can get stone cubes, with which we can pay for a selection of more suitable building tiles. We have plazas - 5 types, suitable for 5 types of buildings:

  • Houses
  • Markets
  • Barracks
  • Temples
  • Gardens

Each type of building has its own rules for scoring victory points. Residential houses should be in as large a group as possible, barracks on the outskirts of the city, shops separate from each other, etc.

Tiles are stackable - the tile must cover at least parts of 2 others tiles - and cannot hang in a vacuum.

There is no limit to how many levels there can be - in my first game I managed to place one tile on level 4 (but I still lost).

Points are the product of the number of whistles on the respective plazas and the sum of points for buildings (the higher, the more for a single building).

Well, that's the product and you should remember that I reset the barracks in the first game :)

There can therefore be many ways to win - you can go into specializations or climb to higher levels or develop in a sustainable way.

We like these types of games where you're combining to maximize your score and we're not entirely sure who's going to win.

A nice theme of ancient Greece and great workmanship - the tiles are thick and heavy, which helps to keep the entire stacked buildings.

Game strategy


With subsequent games, I discover better and better ways to win :)

The last two games I focused only on a few types of buildings and it paid off - I won twice.

119 points in a 3 player game is not a world record, but considering the omission of two types of buildings seems pretty good to me.

And it is necessary to build the 3rd level of the city.



akropolis punktacja

Evidence of the strategy working ;)


The game is liked not only by board geeks, but also by people who like to mix things up.

Akopolis has something about it - the syndrome of the next game, we used to play 3 or 4 games one after the other at an evening meeting.

It even happened that a co-player (and it was in December) immediately looked for where to get Akropolis to have a Christmas present - he was not even scared by the fact that at the moment the game was only available in French .

The game is language independent, so that wasn't a big problem.

Currently (2023) the game is available in the Polish version, in Poland it was published by Lucky Duck Games Polska - bravo for the perfect sense of the game, which is already showered with awards, min. French Aces: Ace d'Or Game of the Year.

I highly recommend the game, especially to play with family or friends - if you want to encourage someone to play games, Akropolis is a game that can help.

I will give a rating of at least 9 on BGG.


[Many thanks to Gigamic for providing me with a review copy.]