Barcelona Pre-Order

Today, Board&Dice announced that the pre-order of their new title Barcelona has started, which is scheduled to premiere at this year's GenCon, which starts on August 3.

What the publisher says about the game:

Play Barcelona and take part in building this beautiful city! Our newest title has been designed by Dani Garcia, and shows the reality of 19th century Barcelona, when Ildefons Cerdà started bringing his architectural plan to life! 

Barcelona seems to be a perfect match for everyone who loves Euro games with the interaction between players! 

There are 11 different actions in the game - once we place citizens on the map we trigger up to three of them during one turn. They allow us to get resources, build public service tiles, streets, and intersections, use cobblestones, or move our trams.
There are so many interesting connections to discover! 
Have I mentioned anything about the Player Board? All your components are stored there - the more you build and upgrade things, the better benefits and points you receive! 

What in the box:

  • Cat  :)


  • 1x Main Board
  • 1x Side Board
  • 4x Player Boards
  • 11x Action tiles
  • 14x Cerdà Scoring tiles
  • 18x Modernisme tiles
  • 24x Cobblestone tiles
  • 21x Public Services tiles
  • 16x Sagrada FamÍlia tiles
  • 60x Resources tokens
  • 1x First-Player token
  • 4x Building Bonus tiles
  • 72x Citizen tokens
  • 8x +100/200/300/400 VP tiles
  • 8x Corner Building tiles
  • 8x Level-2 Building tiles
  • 7x Level-3 Building tiles
  • 1x Cloth bag
  • 20x Intersection tiles
  • 20x Wide Street tiles
  • 40x Narrow Street tiles
  • 4x Trams
  • 44x Wooden Disks
  • 1x Sticker sheet
  • 40x Cubes
  • 4x Player Aid Cards
  • 8x Solo Cards
  • 1x Wooden Meeple

Everyone who decides to preorder Barcelona at Board&Dice web store will have a chance to win a trip to Barcelona!


Link to pre-order site: