Glowing Dice Trays - Rolling in the dark! started on Kickstarter

The "Glowing Dice - Rolling in the Dark!" campaign launched on Kickstarter today!

The campaign will last:

From: 06/16/2023

To: 07/16/2023


Glowing Dice Trays
lunched on Kickstarter


A handful of product information from the publisher:

Dice Trays served in a unique way:

  • They are double-sided - this not only increases the durability of the trays, but also allows you to turn them to the other side and use any part during the game
  • They have durable metal snaps
  • Unique patterns have been prepared especially for the campaign and are not available anywhere else - each pattern corresponds to a popular setting of games without electricity.
    There are 3 designs to start with
    - a fiery fantasy dragon,
    - a sci-fi spaceship cockpit and
    - the interior of a post-apocalyptic bunker.

As the campaign progresses, new designs are planned to be unlocked - the first one will be about Lovecraft's Cthulhu motifs, the rest is a mystery for now :)

Are you afraid that the product will only work for playing in the dark? Nothing more wrong! Our dice trays have unique, unavailable outside of the campaign print designs - they look great both in full sun and in candlelight. In addition, the glowing part after proper "charging" with UV light (for example in the sun) shines very clearly not only in the dark but even with slightly dimmed light.


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