Holy Grail Games publisher of Encyclopedia bankrupted

14 February on kickstarter in Encyklopedia project Holy Grail Games published update #39



Hi there everyone,

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the Holy Grail Games adventure is over. After 6 years of making games, friends and memories, Holy Grail Games will be ceasing all activities effective immediately.

If you would like to know more about why this is happening, you can find our full statement on our Website.

Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of you have already received your games. Therefore, this situation will only concern the small number of you with outstanding replacement requests and/or mispacks. As we have said before, our shipping partners have been incredibly problematic and have failed to send out requests that we placed months ago. Around two weeks ago we took matters into our own hands and sent out replacements from the stock we had available to us as well as processing refunds where possible.

We hoped that our shipping partners would eventually start listening to our demands and correct the mistakes they have made. Unfortunately, as we explain in our statement, we’ve now found ourselves unable to go on. For those of you affected by this, all we can do is apologize and assure you that we did everything we could to get your pledge to you.

Encyclopedia was one of our best and smoothest projects, to which we applied everything we’ve learnt over the years. Outside of the shipping difficulties, it would have been almost perfect. The situation we now find ourselves in is all the more frustrating as the game has been really successful and we were hoping to build on that success. Even though those ideas will never come to fruition we’re still very proud of the game we made and how well the project went.

All of our deepest thanks to you for your patience and support, we hope that you will continue to enjoy Encyclopedia in the years to come.