Second Expansion Pack for "Lost Ruins of Arnak" announced!

Czech Games Edition announced today the second expansion for "Lost Ruins of Arnak": Arnak: The Missing ExpeditionThe extension should already be available during GEN CON 2023.

What the publisher says about this extension:

The Missing Expedition includes two new leaders, as well! The Journalist has a passion for documenting the unexplored and a keen eye for capturing details that might otherwise elude others. The Mechanic is a versatile tinkerer whose skill to repair even the most broken things makes life easier on any expedition. Both have unique styles of play that open up new possibilities, and can be mixed and matched with any of the previous expedition leaders characters for play in solo, co-op, or regular multiplayer games.

And we’ve also included two new research tracks, and lots of new encounter cards, items, artifacts, sites, guardian, and assistants to enjoy in the story campaign or with multiplayer games.